NuCare has been one of the few pioneer companies in developing and manufacturing natural sunless self-tanning products since 2004, with self-developed innovative technology to maintain colour stability and to optimize colour ratios. Over the past few years, NuCare has made and supplied over 30,000 litres of tanning solution each year for leading brands in both the Australian and international markets.


The following self-tanning products are available to be manufactured:

Spray self-tanning solutions in various tanning speeds: rapid (as short as 1 hour), medium (2 – 4 hours), or moderate (8 hours or overnight).

The colour base of the tanning solutions can vary from green-based, blue-based, red-based and chocolate-based to violet-base, providing a lot of flexibility for customer and brand preferences.

Bronzers can be all natural if required.


Products can be in the form of:

  1. Self-tanning Cream, Lotion and Mousse: In various bronzer colours and levels of tanning speed
  2. Tan-Extender Cream, Lotion, Mousse or Spray
  3. Pre-Tan Body Wash, Exfoliant and Pre-Tan Preparation Spray
  4. After-Tan Moisturising Cream, Lotion and Spray
  5. After-Tan Shimmer Cream and other body beautifying products

Product Description:

  1. NuCare only uses natural DHA in our tanning products.
  2. Our formulations use only natural extracts and FD&C (food, drug and cosmetics) colours as bronzing agents. Our products do not contain alcohol or parabens.
  3. With advanced technologies and unique processing procedures, our tanning products have superior stability. Products with our colour formulation system do not show any signs of discoloration over a 12-month period (particularly green and other abnormal colours).
  4. The result of the application of our products is an even and long-lasting tan that looks naturally beautiful.
  5. Enriched with various plant extracts, our products also have superior moisturizing and nourishing properties to achieve the effect of silky skin.
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