Virus is different from bacteria. To kill virus, a non-wash hand sanitiser has to contain at least 60% ethanol. According to experts, the most effective one contains 75% ethanol.
After applying a non-wash hand sanitiser, ethanol evaporates and takes moisture of your hand with it, leaving your hand dry and uncomfortable. Frequent use will cause damage and cracks on your skin.
NuCare 75% Ethanol Instant Hand Sanitiser Gel with Moisturiser, is formulated to overcome this issue. It is made in Sydney, Australia. With 75% of ethanol, it kills virus and bacteria effectively and quickly.
It is enriched with other moisturising ingredients such as Tea Tree Oil, Bergamot Oil, Aloe Vera, and other natural extracts such as Green Tea extract. To our knowledge, it is the only type, a combination of sanitiser and moisturiser, in the market place.
After applying it, no rinse, or wash, is needed. It will dry quickly, leaving your hand softly and refreshed.
Price: $12.00/250mL.
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